Poor poor JEB!

September 30, 2016 MJA 10

Well … if everybody didn’t vote, that would be a pretty powerful political statement, wouldn’t it? Jeb Bush has a sads. Patriot Retort: Poor Jeb Bush. A year and a half ago he was on top of the world. Life was gooooood. He had a [Read More]

German lawyer makes hate-speech complaint against Facebook

September 30, 2016 MJA 1

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – German prosecutors are again considering whether to press charges against Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook executives for failing to staunch a tide of racist and threatening posts on the social network during an influx of migrants into Europe. Munich prosecutors said they [Read More]

Feminist Book Stores Severs Relationship With Portlandia

September 30, 2016 Dr. Tar 22

“In Other Words,” in Portland, has served as the setting for the feminist bookstore, “Women and Women First,” in the IFC series Portlandia for six seasons.  That was until the store posted a profane announcement on its front door regarding the show. More

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