100 Ways Your Government Burned Through $295 Billion

November 29, 2016 Dr. Tar 8

  The latest report on government waste is out, filled with numerous examples of questionable spending over the last year.  Senator James Lankford’s (R-OK) “Federal Fumbles” is, I suspect, just the tip of the iceberg in federal overindulgence. More

A post for our native southerners

November 29, 2016 BFH 69

I stumbled upon a forum thread where people listed, in their opinion, the worst attempts at southern accents by actors. As a northerner, I don’t think I’m qualified to judge how good or bad a job an actor did, but I can definitely offer my [Read More]

Even the Green Party is turning on Jill

November 29, 2016 MJA 16

Patriot Retort: Good gracious. When your own party turns against your get-rich-quick scheme, you know it’s bad. Jill Stein has run afoul of the Green Party itself in pursuing this recount Kabuki. As a result, the Green Party US has written an open letter condemning [Read More]

Mike Pence Puts Clueless Tim Kaine in His Place

November 29, 2016 BFH 23

Tim it's Called "A terrorist attack" and it was with a knife not with a Gun. pic.twitter.com/UmNywvXS7N — VP Elect (@MikePenceVP) November 28, 2016 Is Tim Kaine actually characterizing the shooting of this terrorist “gun violence”? Please say it isn’t so. Please say he really [Read More]

How Despicable is Mark Hamill?

November 29, 2016 BFH 33

This is the leftist who called Trump’s administration picks, thus far, despicable. Skywalker actor pressured his son’s girlfriend into abortion Lifesite -Star Wars actor Mark Hamill is being spoken of all over social media tonight for his slam on President Donald Trump’s picks for his [Read More]

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