Trump Sits to Obama’s Right

November 10, 2016 BFH 45

Why is this significant? Trump knows the trick. Stand or sit to the right of a foe for a photo op. You will be in position for the dominant handshake in an iconic photo. Trump’s hand is over Obama’s. He’s alpha. Obama is beta.

Great Question from illustr8r

November 10, 2016 BFH 36

How many times do you think Trump will play golf during his Presidency? Will we be as critical of Trump as we were of Obama if he plays at the same frequency as Obama?  

You say you want a revolution?

November 10, 2016 BFH 33

Do you think the left will ever get it? Even as they scream for a revolution against the government? When the government takes all your guns away, how will you wage this revolution?

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