The case of the absent lawn signs

November 8, 2016 MJA 0

Patriot Retort: Okay, yeah. That headline sounds like I’m Nancy Drew. But, this is a bit of a mystery. Oh, by the way. I voted! I got to the polling place just after they opened at six. New York does not indulge this Democrat debacle [Read More]

Early Exit Polling – People Want a STRONG LEADER

November 8, 2016 BFH 3

Politico exit poll- The percentage of voters thus far who say they want a strong leader – a characterization Donald Trump’s team made central to his campaign – is twice the percentage who said they were looking for a strong leader in the 2012 National [Read More]

“Show Me State” Voter Fraud

November 8, 2016 Dr. Tar 3

A morning radio personality, Jamie Allman, received a nice note from the St. Louis Board of Elections.  They returned his missing insurance card and thanked him for voting.  Only he hadn’t cast his ballot yet. More  Ironic isn’t it, that they don’t require picture I.D. for voting in the “Show Me [Read More]

And the stupid keeps on a’comin’

November 8, 2016 MJA 6

Patriot Retort: Today, Mosby, the infamous Baltimore City Attorney, tweeted out a photo of her daughter filling out her ballot for her. Yeah. I know. That’s pretty damn stupid. Not just because she put an apostrophe in a hashtag. And not just because she had her [Read More]

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