Jennifer, You Ignorant Slut

August 22, 2016 Dr. Tar 5

I’m going to fisk Jennifer Rubin’s (Washington Post) recent piece she titled, “Here’s what African Americans have to lose if Trump is elected.” Rubin’s piece Here Where to begin? Better start with your best rebuttal, Jennifer. The 58 percent figure has been debunked previously… In July, the unemployment [Read More]

Hillary Finally Discusses Her Health Issues

August 22, 2016 MJA 9

NEW YORK (WNB) – Apparently in response to a growing chorus of questions surrounding her health, Hillary Clinton sat down for an interview where she denied she had suffered a serious brain injury.  

Bachmann: I’m Advising Trump on Foreign Policy

August 22, 2016 Claudia 16 – Donald Trump’s first campaign visit to Minnesota drew dozens of protesters and several supporters willing to pay up to $10,000 for the chance to hear the Republican presidential candidate speak at the Minneapolis Convention Center. [snip] Before the event, former Minnesota Republican Congresswoman [Read More]

Why Public Option Won’t Save Obamacare

August 22, 2016 Dr. Tar 4

Last month Obama and the Democrats proposed that the way to revitalize health insurance markets in regions where Obamacare insurance plans are all but extinct would be to bring the government in to be an insurer – the Public Option.  Besides being just another name for Single [Read More]

Flooding in South puts a damper on US rice harvest

August 22, 2016 MJA 2

LONOKE, Ark. (AP) — Heavy rain that brought record flooding to Louisiana recently has put a damper on the nation’s harvest of rice, a food staple that usually likes water as it grows but can’t be gathered by machine if fields are inundated. While rice [Read More]

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