IOC Still Mulling Over Which Russians Allowed In Olympics

July 31, 2016 Dr. Tar 1

After passing the buck to the individual sports federations two weeks ago, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has formed a three person panel to make a final determination of which Russian athletes will be banned from this year’s Olympics due to the country’s active participation in doping [Read More]


July 31, 2016 Dr. Tar 15

A 17-year-old black teenager named devon martes lost his life Tuesday night when a sheriff’s deputy in Metairie, LA chased the youth into a warehouse and shot him six times. Even the boy’s parents say the deputy did the right thing when he shoot their [Read More]

Another Dindu Nafeen strikes in NJ

July 31, 2016 MJA 25

New Jersey: muslim who threw EXPLOSIVES at synagogue and shouted ‘aLLAH aKBAR’ gets probation.  /PamelaGeller/ […]  musheisen is a college graduate and “anything but a racist. “He was a young person who did a stupid thing, who has learned from his mistakes,” Breite said. See more

THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE … from islam that is

July 31, 2016 MJA 1

ThePICKERINGPost: Once upon a time, two crafty tailors convinced the Emperor that they could make him a set of magic clothes. They told all the people that these robes would be so magic that only smart people could see them. Everyone went along with the deception [Read More]

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