Blue Cross/Blue Shield – Red Ink

March 2, 2016 Dr. Tar 4 “Fitch Ratings looked at nearly three dozen BlueCross/BlueShield companies and found that 23 saw a decline in earnings that totaled $1.9 billion in the first nine months of last year, while 16 had net losses.”   “The reason is Obamacare.”

Bicycle Washing Machine Will Clean Your Clothes While You Exercise

March 2, 2016 MJA 21

OC: Laundry workouts might soon be the new fitness trend, thanks to a new invention by a group of students at China’s Dalian National University. They’ve created a washer that’s powered by a stationary bike, and they’re calling in ‘b.w.m’ (short for Bike Washing Machine).

I See No Path Forward – Ben Carson

March 2, 2016 BFH 15

NY Times- Ben Carson, the only Republican to have once threatened the lead of Donald J. Trump in national polls, said on Wednesday he saw no path forward and would skip a debate on Thursday in his hometown of Detroit, signaling an end to his [Read More]

George Lopez, Liberal Douchebag

March 2, 2016 Dr. Tar 23

In the latest example of a celebrity liberal who can dish it out but can’t take it, rumored comedian George Lopez, re-tweeted a vile drawing of Donald Trump beheaded by Mexican drug lord El Chapo.   When confronted with a drawing of his own beheading, Lopez [Read More]

Meanwhile There Are Libertarian Debates Going On

March 2, 2016 BFH 7

KOB – Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who is again running for the Libertarian nomination for president in 2016, took a vulgar shot at Republican frontrunner Donald Trump at Saturday’s Libertarian Party Debate in Mississippi. Johnson – at center – at the Libertarian Party [Read More]

News of Cruz’s Demise a Bit Premature

March 2, 2016 BFH 36

Everywhere you turn you see people ready to throw the towel in on Cruz. This primary is far from over.  AP- Despite Donald Trump’s string of victories on Tuesday, he has to do better in upcoming contests to claim the Republican nomination for president before the party’s [Read More]

Sports Authority Headed For Chapter 11

March 2, 2016 Dr. Tar 16

The sporting goods retailer Sports Authority is seeking protection from creditors as it closes about 30 percent of its stores in an attempt to reorganize. Citing consumer’s preference for online shopping the company plans on “upgrading stores and improving its website.”

The many pained expressions of Chris Christie

March 2, 2016 MJA 18

Wapo: The Fix — and it seems much of Twitter — could not help but notice that Chris Christie showed up in Florida at Donald Trump’s faux Versailles — er, we mean Mar-a-Lago — and had some difficulties. Technically, he was there to introduce a [Read More]

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