Will Leonardo Get Mauled Tonight?

February 28, 2016 Dr. Tar 8

Passed over four times in his film career, Leonardo DiCaprio is the hands down favorite to finally bring home an Oscar gold. I’m not sure if getting dry-humped by a bear is worth a little statuette.

Bad News For the GOP’s Presidential Aspirations

February 28, 2016 BFH 33

John Kasich says he will drop out if he loses Ohio. This is bad news, and my headline is not snarky. I am deadly serious. I’ll explain after a Red State blogger weighs in: Yesterday, the John Weaver’s sugar Daddy John Kasich did the only rational [Read More]

Blind Man’s Dog Kidnapped, Returned with Apology Note

February 28, 2016 MJA 6

TammyBruce: Good ending to this story after massive social media outrage in China. Good for them. Via Mashable. A blind masseur’s Labrador guide dog that had been stolen from him in Beijing, China, was returned to him with an apology note.

Dissension In the Ranks

February 28, 2016 Dr. Tar 26

The Vice Chair of the DNC, Congress member Tulsi Gabbard (HI-D), resigned her position at the DNC this morning on Meet the Press and endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders (VT-D) for president.     A Major in the Army National Guard, who as served two tours in [Read More]

Free Beacon Imagines The First Hillary versus Trump Debate

February 28, 2016 BFH 20

Free Beacon I mean, honestly, imagine the first one-on-one debate between he and Hillary Clinton. Think about the scene for a moment: two podiums, two contenders, an otherwise empty stage. She’ll say something mildly disparaging—criticize his bankruptcies, or something—and Donald Trump will, on live TV, reply [Read More]

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