Bill Nye’s Scientism

May 24, 2016 MJA 10

There is a saying in the world of science that if scientific facts do not support your arguments then stop shouting. It is thus a waste of time to appeal to “scientism” or to rely on popular spokespersons like Al Gore or Bill Nye to [Read More]

5000-Year-Old Chinese Beer Recipe Revealed

May 24, 2016 MJA 4 The archaeological site at Mijiaya, near a tributary of the Wei River in northern China, includes two pits dating to around 3,400-2,900 BC and contains artifacts that point to beer brewing, filtration, and storage, as well as stoves that may have been used to heat [Read More]

Peter UK, AKA “PUK”

May 24, 2016 BFH 7

Doc just dropped the name PUK in another thread. I started to explain to new readers who PUK was and I decided to make a post about him. Peter UK was a reader and prolific commenter on, the name of this site before we [Read More]

Hundreds of Dead People Still Voting In LA

May 24, 2016 Dr. Tar 11

An investigative reporter for a Los Angeles television station discovered 215 people still voting in the County despite being dead, in some cases for decades. For example, John Cenkner died in 2003 and voted in “2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010.”

Head of Security At TSA Removed

May 24, 2016 Dr. Tar 15

Kelly Hoggan, Head of Security was relived of his position by TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger after the House Oversight Committee sharply criticized the agency. The final straw was the long lines of passengers waiting up to three hours to be screened at O’Hara recently.

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