Twitter Recommended I Follow These Guys

December 5, 2015 BFH 8

Twitter does recommendations on who to follow. These were their picks for me – Why should I follow them? Isn’t that the NSA’s job? On another note, Enrique Iglesias is apparently embedded with ISIS. Who knew?

Do You See A Pattern Here?

December 5, 2015 BFH 22

WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE THIS IS A LIST OF? date location name surname Feb 2005 Keighley Shabir Ahmed Feb 2005 Keighley Munwar Khan Apr 2006 Blackpool Sandeep Chauhan Apr 2006 Blackpool Puppy Parmar Jun 2007 Oldham Shahzad Masood Jun 2007 Oldham Mohammed Suleman Aug 2007 [Read More]

What If Climate Alarmists Got Their Way?

December 5, 2015 Dr. Tar 11

MIT did a study a few years ago to assess the economic damage that would be done globally if nations stabilized greenhouse gas emissions or even diminished them over time. They found a 25 percent drop in world GDP if the gas bags meeting in Paris [Read More]

Liberals and the ticking clock

December 5, 2015 MJA 7

Patriot Retort: There’s a scene in the great WWII film “The Dirty Dozen” where the men are training on rope climbing. One of the guys — I think it’s Trini Lopez’s character — can’t climb up the rest of the way. He’s tired, weak and [Read More]

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