The Terror of Target Tinkling

May 7, 2016 BFH 24

Want to read a load of crap?? It’s about a woman who had a horrible experience at Target when trying to pee in a stall. SheKnows- I was alone in the restroom. There were two large handicap-access stalls, complete with baby-changing tables, and two regular [Read More]

All Dressed Up And You Should Have Stayed At Home

May 7, 2016 Dr. Tar 20

In a bid to generate attention, (good or bad it doesn’t matter to Madge) Madonna showed up at the Met Gala this year in an assless, braless black and lacy number.   When criticized for her appearance she declared it was a “political statement as well as a fashion statement.”

Odie & Duke

May 7, 2016 MJA 7

Every morning,Odie the Cockatoo lends a helping beak to Duke the Labrador Retriever and feeds him some eggs so that he could go about the rest of his day on a full stomach.  more

Tonight’s Soothiness by Riverlife Callie

May 6, 2016 BFH 8

I cheated. I listened to this. I usually don’t, and post sight unseen, but the email said TV Themes. I’m a sucker for Themes – Movie or TV. Lots of real estate on my Spotify list is made up of thematic music. I’m going to post [Read More]

Obama: Donald Trump’s Record ‘Needs to be Examined’

May 6, 2016 MJA 28

He’s kidding, right? NBC: President Barack Obama on Friday said presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a “long record that needs to be examined” and insisted that the race for the White House is “not a reality show.”

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