November 15, 2015 MJA 12

NationalSecurity– […] For more than a year this despicable news network has become a 24/7 Social Justice Warrior (SJW) network: attacking cops, mocking traditional Christians, fomenting riots in black neighborhoods, lionizing hate groups like Black Lives Matter, marginalizing political conservatives and their ideas; and not even for [Read More]

Now immigration is a national security issue

November 15, 2015 MJA 20

WashingtonTimes: The horrific attacks in Paris have radically changed the dynamics of the American 2016 presidential election. The Democrats, refusing to be serious for decades when it comes to national security, and pushing for unfettered legal and illegal immigration in order to pad the voting [Read More]

Russian Pol’s Hair is… umm..

November 15, 2015 BFH 43

I'm resentful that the masses have discovered senator Petrenko's hair now. It's like a great indie band selling out. pic.twitter.com/OKziGUEt9g — Natalia Antonova (@NataliaAntonova) November 12, 2015 more Hair Tip/ The Big Owe

Citizen Test

November 15, 2015 BFH 18

Billo has a citizen test on his site. 25 questions and you only need to answer 15 correctly to pass. The questions are ridiculously easy- See HERE. (Mark L. sent it in.) I’ve been thinking. There should be different kinds of questions on the test before [Read More]

Sanders’ aide threw an absolute fit before debate

November 15, 2015 MJA 7

Yahoo: Twenty-four hours after a series of terrorist attacks in Paris left at least 129 people dead, top campaign officials for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have made it clear the independent senator from Vermont isn’t that interested in talking about it.

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