Miss America Contest

September 20, 2015 BFH 32

The winner of the 1940s –  Thumb up your favorite Miss America from 2000-2009 in the comments.  

Walker’s Plan for Unions

September 20, 2015 Dr. Tar 7

What’s not to love about Scott Walker’s (WI-R) labor reform proposal that was issued last week? It would do away with the NLRB and public sector unions as well as let workers decide if they want to pay union dues or not. The left will [Read More]

I need a deejay

September 20, 2015 BFH 8

4th person who sends in 6 songs will be tonight’s deejay. The rest will be fit in somewhere. bigfurhat.mail@gmail.com  -put DEEJAY in the subject line.

Jeb’s Photo Op, Not The Best Optics

September 20, 2015 BFH 33

Jeb is a bit of a dunce, no? HT/ Twitchy So awesome. #FeelTheBern #RepublicansForSanders pic.twitter.com/HfhTVPS5mo — Cassandra Fairbanks (@CassandraRules) September 19, 2015

The “Destroy the American Dream” Act

September 20, 2015 Dr. Tar 12

It was suppose to reform Wall street and get the real estate marking working again, The Dodd-Frank Act has had the opposite effect. Far fewer people can qualify for a loan now, and the hedge funds have taken advantage of low interest rates and a [Read More]

Bad Brad Plan Ain’t Bad

September 20, 2015 BFH 56

Reader, Bad Brad, says: Trump and Cruz should stop attending the debates. They should team up with other conservatives for the “Make America Great Again” tour. Bring along Palin, Nugent, etc. Make a production out of it. And I would hold my biggest events when [Read More]

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