Riot Roundup

June 1, 2020 MJA 11

At Least 4 Synagogues Were Vandalized By BLM/Antifa. Both Black Lives Matter and Antifa have clear anti-Semitic ideologies. The vandalism of multiple synagogues ought to be part of the discussion about their climate [Read More]

Chrissie Teigen Sh#ts Where She Eats

June 1, 2020 MJA 20

Isn’t it about time Target got rid of Chrissie Teigen? American Thinker: By Monica Showalter Chrissie Teigen, as Andrea Widburg noted here, is joining the growing celebrity cavalcade of woke leftists vowing to bail [Read More]

Please give Marco Rubio some taffy

June 1, 2020 MJA 15

Marco Rubio Blames Violence, Looting on ‘Domestic Terror Groups’ – ‘Far Left and Right’. Of course, he’ll have to take his foot out of his mouth, first.

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