Happiness Is …

October 13, 2019 Claudia 14

Images from: 1 grool (Buck) 7 month old retriever/shepherd2 forcibly deranged (Kilo)3 forcibly deranged (Logan) at leisure on one of the quilts d-i-l made.4 Jane5 Truckbuddy (Sammy)6 Ghost – (Hudson [Read More]

Pandering Extremists Pander

October 13, 2019 MJA 10

The Democrats LOVE an Opportunity to Embarrass Themselves. CNN’s Equality Town Hall was just another opportunity for the 2020 Democrats to pander to their increasingly leftist base. Beto denounces the [Read More]

Transpander Fest

October 12, 2019 MJA 21

Patriot Retort: Last night on CNN, 2020 Democrat candidates for President of the United States came out as Transpander. Now, don’t confuse this with transgender.  Transgender is when you say you [Read More]

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