June 1, 2016 BFH 19

The identity of the congressperson whose car was being used for the private car service called LYFT has been revealed. Gee, was there any doubt that this was going to [Read More]

Notes On #NeverTrump

June 1, 2016 BFH 29

Senator Jeff Sessions- To the senate and Congress- “Accept the fact that Trump is the Republican nominee or leave office.” “My advice is to listen and accept the will of [Read More]

The Golden State Scramble

June 1, 2016 MJA 7

PatriotRetort: Uh-oh, spaghetti-o! Things aren’t looking good for our cankled Queen in the Golden State. What should have been an easy slide to victory in California is getting awfully bumpy. [Read More]


June 1, 2016 BFH 13

DM- Moment of revenge: Husband is caught on surveillance footage brutally beating his wife’s would-be rapist to death with a tire iron at New York apartment building. Mamadou Diallo caught [Read More]

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