Tranny Was a Marine

October 21, 2015 BFH 11

What do you imagine this mentally ill person looked like before everyone agreed to enable the derangement and pretend he’s a woman? SEE HERE

British Prig is Obviously a Racist

October 21, 2015 BFH 5

What a stompable face If the left taught us anything, it’s that saying something negative about a black man doesn’t mean you disagree with his politics, it means you’re a klansman. Meet the klansman Alastair Campbell, former press secretary to Tony Blair. Look what he [Read More]


October 21, 2015 BFH 5

Pictured: Poignant moment officers line up and salute ambulance carrying body of cop shot in forehead and killed during Manhattan gun battle as suspect is arrested

Two Comedians Improv a Trump/Sanders Debate

October 21, 2015 BFH 2

I give the imitations high marks. I give some of the material high marks. I give some of the material very low marks. (Although the bit about Trump and the daughter has a kernel of truth to it – The Donald said he’d date his daughter [Read More]

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