Wonder if he was legal?

January 2, 2017 BFH 11

Am I wrong to wonder? Newser An Alabama New Year’s Eve party turned tragic just minutes after the clock struck midnight: As a man, one of the approximately 30 party [Read More]

She’s a real Cowgirl

January 2, 2017 MJA 12

OC:   Girl Turns to Cow Riding After Being Denied a Horse. After being told that she could have a horse because they were too expensive, 11-year-old Sarah Simpson, decided to [Read More]

Commonly Misused Words

January 1, 2017 BFH 49

I’ve read the list, but I’m not seeing it. They certainly don’t rise to the frequency of the misspelling of lose and loose. Bunch of loosers. Stumble Upon- Adverse: Unfavorable [Read More]


January 1, 2017 BFH 36

I’m a vulgarian… without the wealth. Donald Trump answers the question, “what’s the difference between a wet raccoon and Donald Trump’s hair?” LANGUAGE WARNING ht/ So unexpected I about died laughing!  [Read More]

Post-It Note Wars

January 1, 2017 Dr. Tar 7

  How do you tell your rival firm that is located across the street that they suck?  Why start a Post-It Note war in the windows of your office to [Read More]

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