Scooper Pooper

May 23, 2016 BFH 13

Newser- An Arizona TV reporter has been charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly defecating in someone’s front yard. It appears Jonathan Lowe, 33, may lose his job as well: In [Read More]

Communism or Bust?

May 23, 2016 BFH 7

How about communism AND bust, as our Dear Leader shakes hands and beams with glee with China’s preezy  Tran Dai Quang (or maybe it’s because they told Obama he was going [Read More]

Hillary wants Bernie to go away

May 23, 2016 MJA 7

WashingtonTimes:    Unlike Hillary Clinton before him, Bernie Sanders refusing to step aside. At the party nominating convention in 2008, Hillary Clinton thought she had set a gracious example for [Read More]

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