Take A Look At Him Now

April 11, 2016 illustr8r 20

via PetaPixel— Phil Collins Reshot All His Original Album Covers for the 2016 Reissues Famed musician Phil Collins began reissuing some of his most loved albums in November of 2015 as part of [Read More]


April 11, 2016 BFH 6

This is from a contributor who will remain nameless unless they do not want to — 2 Millennial bag boys, out of high school at least. Silly dude talk between [Read More]

Senior North Korean military official defects

April 11, 2016 MJA 5

WBAL: SEOUL, South Korea (CNN) —A senior intelligence officer with the North Korean military has defected to South Korea, officials in Seoul said Monday. Either Kim is really pissed off about it…

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