Why Do Airports Still Play CNN On Their Televisions?

March 24, 2018 MJA 14

Daily Caller: Given all the indignities that travelers must endure when traversing through the nation’s airports, one would think passengers could avoid having their political convictions openly mocked by the terminal television screens blaring CNN — at least that’s what some are wondering given the [Read More]

California Gas Tax is a Groundwork for Fraud

March 24, 2018 MJA 6

KFI: Opponents of the new gas tax hike are still collecting signatures to get a measure on the November ballot repealing the tax hike we’ve been getting phases. “This is a campaign to repeal a tax on working families that is laying the groundwork for [Read More]

The Chinese are sick of bicycles

March 23, 2018 MJA 24

KFI:  Check Out These Incredible Photos of China’s Abandoned Bikes. Bike sharing was wildly popular in China last year. Dozens of bike share companies popped up with their own fleet of bikes ready to be ridden in the streets in an effort to relieve some [Read More]

Vegan rolls around in crap to protest Trader Joe’s

March 23, 2018 MJA 12

KFI: Triggered Vegan Poop Protest at Trader Joe’s. A UC Berkeley student partnered with the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere rolled around in animal feces Thursday morning protesting a San Francisco Trader Joe’s. Cassie King’s demonstration was over conditions at farms that supply eggs to Trader [Read More]

California: Anti-Sanctuary city fire is spreading

March 23, 2018 MJA 6

Let’s fan those flames, people! KFI: Just days after Los Alamitos made major news by voting to opt out of California’s Sanctuary City Laws, two Orange County supervisors plan to follow in their footsteps and take it even further by filing a lawsuit against the [Read More]

Dork & Binge-y

March 23, 2018 MJA 14

Two great mugshots taken of two not so great human beings: FBI Looking for a Murderous Dork. Meet Sean Frederick Weatherhead. He is suspected of making threats against law enforcement. Weatherford is covered in tattoos but the most prominent one is across his neck reading [Read More]

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