The First Automobile

July 3, 2020 MJA 13

Daimler: 1885–1886- The first stationary gasoline engine developed by Carl Benz was a one-cylinder two-stroke unit which ran for the first time on New Year’s Eve 1879. Benz had so [Read More]

Redskins Cave

July 3, 2020 BFH 137

Washington Redskins Likely to be Renamed Before 2020 Season PHenry wants a shot at renaming them. Leave suggestions in the comments. CBR- “This process allows the team to take into [Read More]

Tucker Carlson 2024?

July 3, 2020 MJA 22

Tucker Carlson for president? Former Trump campaign and GOP officials believe the Fox News host could lead a successful 2024 presidential campaign after his show becomes the highest-rated program in [Read More]

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