Park Jurassic Over Here

September 27, 2015 BFH 22

Bill Clinton made Hillary ask Steven Spielberg to help her appear ‘warmer, likeable and less like Thatcher’ – but she knocked a camera over in anger after endless coaching, book [Read More]

I Heard a Rumor

September 27, 2015 Dr. Tar 11

House members have begun speculating that, before stepping down, the House Speaker John Boehner (OH-R) will have cut a deal with Nancy Pelosi (CA-D) to continue funding all of Obama’s initiatives [Read More]

At the UN: Clockboy claims racism

September 27, 2015 MJA 16

Big Government: The Muslim American boy championed by President Barack Obama is using his new worldwide fame to accuse Texans of racism and anti-Muslim discrimination. “My dream is to raise [Read More]

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