October 29, 2015 BFH 18

I did this image a long, long time ago. Now that he’s speaker, I’m not so sure he’s the antidote. He might be closer to the poison. We’ll soon see.

Pentagon Losing Twitter War With ISIS

October 29, 2015 MJA 2

TruthRevolt: There is legitimate debate about whether the Internet has hurt or improved peoples lives. The answer, of course, lies somewhere in the middle. Instant access to vast amounts of information and [Read More]

Adverbs are sexually harassing women!!!

October 29, 2015 MJA 36

Or something… I don’t know. TruthRevolt: Feminist Freshman: The Word ‘Too’ has Ravaged WomenLong Enough It’s mass hysteria! Dogs and cats living together! It’s adverbs run amok!

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