This is funny?

April 2, 2016 BFH 46

When Cruz made his joke on Jimmy Kimmel, about not knowing which pedal to push if he saw Trump in his back-up camera, it was acceptable because of the lighthearted [Read More]

Mark Steyn on Mass Immigration

April 2, 2016 BFH 7

The poem on the Statue of Liberty is 3rd rate hackery and should never have been nailed to a monument to liberty. BRAVO!!!!! Must listen—> This debate was fascinating. [Read More]

Lotsa New Readers To Get To Know

April 2, 2016 BFH 61

Reader Survey. Copy and paste the questions into the comments and answer as many as you’re comfortable with. 1. What general geographical area are you from? (ie: Northwest… Southern border… [Read More]

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