Shoot Them

October 3, 2014 BFH 0

Moronic Ebola Infected Family Refuses To Stay Quarantined FAMILY OF DALLAS EBOLA patient is legally quarantined after not complying with requests to stay indoors, as new details emerge of early confusion [Read More]

A Slap of ObamaCare Reality

October 3, 2014 BFH 0

YAHOO HEADLINE: The ‘Opt Out’ nation: Why uninsured Americans decided to pass on Obamacare Part of a special series on Obamacare and the changing health care landscape By Mandi Woodruff [Read More]

Guess Who

October 2, 2014 BFH 0

By Jethro “It’s what happens to gun owners and freedom when a lawless, leftwing, socialist president who doesn’t like America, who uses the power of his office to intimidate his [Read More]

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