July 14, 2015 Cardigan 2

The Pickering Post: [Australia] The canny political Left uses focus group sanctioned, friendly phrases like this: “The most vulnerable people …”, which appeals to everyone’s ‘Good Samaritan’ side. “Climate change [Read More]

Defense of Marriage

July 14, 2015 Dr. Tar 6

The Federalist’s Ryan Anderson looks to the pro-life movement as inspiration for reclaiming traditional marriage now that the Supreme Court has overrode the process of addressing the demand, or lack of, [Read More]

RIP Teddy

July 14, 2015 BFH 33

After five years, Sophie and Teddy are together again. RIP Teddy.  You were a good kitty. Now go and call for Sophie to chase you! -JC LADY

Cool Art Site

July 14, 2015 BFH 15

It allows you to make these Kaleidoscope/etch-a-sketch type drawings. Somebody might like it. Here’s one I banged out – It was my first try, don’t judge me. HT/ cat

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