Ef You Police Haters

December 3, 2015 BFH 23

Listen to what this police officer says when he is helping people evacuate from inside the center that was under siege by terrorists. I’m not going to post what he [Read More]

Top Carson fundraiser quits campaign

December 3, 2015 MJA 5

WaExaminer: A top fundraiser to Ben Carson’s presidential campaign reportedly quit Wednesday after unsuccessfully trying to reinstate an ousted adviser. Bill Millis, once a member of a three-person fundraising board [Read More]

Thoughtless and Evil D-Bags of the Left

December 3, 2015 Dr. Tar 3

Twitchy and Breitbart have been documenting the demented reactions from numerous leftists toward Republicans conveying their condolences to the terrorist victims in San Bernardino through “thoughts and prayers.” Here and Here [Read More]

Talitha Kum

December 3, 2015 Dr. Tar 8

Named for a phrase from the Bible, when Jesus directed, “Little girl, I say to you, get up,” Talitha Kum is an organization of Catholic nuns who fight prostitution and [Read More]

Photo of Tashfeen Malik

December 3, 2015 BFH 11

This is purportedly a photo of Tashfeen, pictured with Syed Rizwan Farook. I dunno. This could be his sister. And I definitely do not like the garb. This is more [Read More]

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