Black Widow of Kyoto

September 21, 2015 MJA 11

Arrested Again after Death of 8th Male Partner Although she looks harmless, 68-year-old Chisako Kakehi is probably one of the most dangerous women in the world. Nicknamed ‘The Black Widow [Read More]

Poor Kid

September 21, 2015 BFH 52

Okay, this is a test, actually, to see if you can see this picture. Report in the comments.

Twilight of the Governors

September 21, 2015 MJA 17

Mark Steyn- Last Wednesday with Sean Hannity, and with Brian Kilmeade, Dana Loesch and Stuart Varney in the ensuing 24 hours, I said that Scott Walker had bombed bigtime in [Read More]

Seems Legit

September 21, 2015 MJA 3

Alarm Akbar! Click the link for a large image and the story to go with it.

It’s National Dog Week!

September 21, 2015 MJA 8

EntirelyPets– National Dog Week was founded in 1928 by Captain Will Judy, a former publisher of Dog World Magazine and a dog judge. He created National Dog Week to educate [Read More]

Miss America 1960s

September 21, 2015 BFH 36

This is the winner for 2000-2009 Thumb up the most beautiful Miss America of the 1960s in the comments  

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