IOTW Report – Page 6270

Allah Is the Only God…

… who is worshipped by mass-murdering sh!tstains who should be eradicated from Earth ASAP. TruthRevolt- Parents at a middle school in Spring Hill, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville, are upset [Read More]

Ag Sec pushes Republicans to INCREASE Obamalunch

EAG- WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack thinks everything is going just fine with the ratcheting regulations on school food in recent years.

And The Children Shall Lead

The students of Hillsboro High School took matters into their own hands over a male student who has declared himself female and demanding use of the Girls Locker Room. Self-declared woman Lila Perry [Read More]


JERSEY SHORE, Pa. – The Jersey Shore Area School District just fired its most beloved crossing guard.


Jamestown Foundation: By August 2015, at least 70 individuals from Finland had travelled to Syria and Iraq (Suomen Uutiset, July 30). [1] According to an Interior Ministry report from August [Read More]

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