IOTW Report – Page 6289

Ten Years After

Everybody was back in New Orleans this week to recognize the 10 year Anniversary of government failure along multiple dimensions. Obama was there touting his agenda, “W” spoke on one of the [Read More]

A Star Is Born

ScooterVanNeuter- Okay, everyone knows that I’ve been looking for a new job – one that will allow me to execute my personal mission statement – “To productively and efficiently utilize [Read More]

A Murder The LSM Missed

MadWorldNews– Detroit has been a hot bed of violence since a socialistic style collapse leveled the city years ago. Decades of Democrat control had a stranglehold on the city, and [Read More]

Touching Some A$$

A uniformed TSA agent lured a college student into a La Guardia Airport men’s room under the pretense she needed more screening — and then he molested the woman, sources [Read More]

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