Oh, I don’t see Hillary as even getting as far as the debates!  If things continue to trend downward for her, in terms of her favorability and the increasing scandals, then the Democratic establishment will have to take action to avoid a sure GOP win. 

hillary prison stripes

Hillary has way too much baggage for a general election–that should have been obvious from the start.  If Vice-President Biden jumps in, that would change everything.  I don’t think Hillary wants to be defeated, so what I’ve been predicting all along is that there will be a “health crisis,” and she will withdraw.


  1. ” if biden jumps in’ then we could have a race with one person with too much baggage and one with too few brains and 3 others who I am too lazy to remember anything about them.

  2. I’m counting on Joe entering the race… can’t write a better script. Uncle Joe provides so much comedic content – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  3. I’ve been saying this all along. She made promises in exchange for donations to the FOUNDATION, so she has to run. She doesn’t have to win though.
    It will be Bills health that will be the excuse. Have you seen him lately? If he speaks for more than 60 seconds he gets all confused and blinky.
    Hillary doesn’t exhibit any of the fire and desire she had last time around, and these are not mistakes a politically savvy person would make. I mean, come on – giving a speech in a storage room to some bicycles? She isn’t running, she is fulfilling an obligation and an expectation. Exactly the way the laziest and most shiftless of McDonalds workers might – by goofing off out in the storage room pretending they were doing something work related.

  4. I have consistently said that her age and health will ultimately prevent her from becoming president. Although I didn’t necessarily consider them the excuses that she would use after utterly falling flat on her face.

  5. Absolutely right. The Clintons have been on the road selling influence to another Clinton Administration for years, and I agree completely that she will not make it much further. She can’t stand for prolonged periods as it is, and the fall she took a couple of years ago will be a very convenient thing to pull out of a back pocket and blame for forced withdrawal due to her failing health.

    Once that happens the Clinton Foundation is free and clear of all those promises and will have plausable deniability when those donors they shaft start coming forward with the truth.

    And I pray Biden runs. I Pray he gets the nomination. Think Trump is outrageous?? Obama has kept Joe in a strait jacket in a closet for months to ensure he stays away from microphones. I can’t wait till Joe declares and the DNC takes over trying to manage him. You can’t purchase entertainment like that at any price…

  6. Warren was on Conan last night. I don’t watch Conan… would never tune in to see E. Warren, but it’s interesting she was on the kool kid’s show. I really think Hill is only a space keeper. They might shove Warren into that Wide FAT assed space that Hillary only temporarily occupies..

  7. I saw a Time magazine on the shelf at the library with Warren on the cover and it looked like they were treating her as a serious candidate. I didn’t read the article because why waste time on a bunch of lies. But it does look like the Dems still think she is a viable candidate and could win.

    I felt like writing the editor and asking him how their magazine could justify glorifying a shameless liar – and no wonder their magazine is now down to about 10 printed pages.

  8. Frankly, I think that’s why Jeb Bush is running. Can he be so stupid as to think he can win on the Conservative ticket when he’s everywhere sounding like a socialist? It’s almost like he’s trying to lose.

  9. Recent political discussions with liberal democrats:

    Hillary excites no one. The only reason a couple of democrats gave for voting for Hillary is that if she wins, Bill will be back in the White House. She is essentially a lesser intelligent Richard Nixon with boobs and more paranoia.

    Warren is a favorite. When I make fun of Warren’s “Native American heritage,” these people actually get pissed – “that’s in the past, no one cares anymore.” This from Democrats who like to dig up Republican nose picking incidents from third grade. Warren may actually be as slimy as HRC, and I hope this gets highlighted sooner rather than later. Elizabeth Warren may be even less qualified for the White House than the current occupant.

    Biden is actually a somewhat acceptable compromise. The problem I raised with Biden is that he is an older white guy, and that just doesn’t excite the lofos who need a woman or a minority. While this point is actually acknowledged, these liberal democrats still consider Biden marginally acceptable.

    Bernie Sanders parrots the socialist line, but no one seems to take him seriously. Sanders’ political stance would be acceptable to these liberal democrats, but Bernie himself just does nothing for many of these democrats, and they look at him as a fringe candidate.

    I look for Warren to emerge as the eventual Democrat front runner, and because she has the qualifications many Democrats look for (i.e. not an older white guy) she could be viable. I hope she stays out of the race.

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