Palate Cleanser

This palate cleansing image is sponsored by the Eugenia Foundation, who made a very nice and timely donation, ensuring that I would not post any more Hillary nudie pics… this evening.palatecleanser

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  1. I knew you wouldn’t post those Hilary nudes.
    If we all gouged our eyes out, no one could go to your site

  2. Fur…the paypal is hosed up. I have never seen these fields in the past. It says I need to log into paypal and I never had to do that before.

  3. As opposed to Mooch looking like a wrinkled slob in shorts.

    The Eugenia Foundation wishes the donation was greater, however, the Foundation had to donate to Black Furry Lives Matter.
    This little black guy was skulking around the burn barrel Friday. He appeared hungry and homeless so the Foundation took him in. Saturday he must have seen nekkid Killary because he got the Hershey squirts and had to go to the ER for treatment.
    Here’s the black waif. His name is not Dindu but Axton Squeaker.

  4. @Eugenia – aww, poor little guy. Very nice of the Eugenia Foundation to take him in. I’m sure BFH the animal lover will understand. 😉

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