Palestinian Lynch mob attacks Jewish driver – IOTW Report

Palestinian Lynch mob attacks Jewish driver

This is a great reason to own and carry. Take a look at the below links which show a Jewish “Settler” (basically someone who lives in the suburbs) get surrounded and mobbed by a bunch of Palestinians, and then he opens fire. He would have been dead or pretty badly injured if he didn’t do that. Pay attention to the ambulance which pulls in front of the car, blocking his getaway. – Meir


Closed-circuit security camera footage of the near-lynching of a Jewish motorist on Route 60 Thursday has been released, showing the harrowing moments when rioters converged on the trapped driver.

Hundreds of Arab rioters blocked Route 60, the primary traffic artery spanning Judea and Samaria, in the village of Hawara, which is built around the road.

When a Jewish driver from the town of Itamar in Samaria was on his way home from grocery shopping, rioters surrounded his vehicle in an attempted lynch.

The riot developed out of a demonstration held in support of hundreds of jailed terrorists conducting a mass hunger strike.

As can be seen in the video footage, just as the motorist is about to force his way through a crowd of rioters blocking the road, an Arab ambulance pulls in, blocking the driver’s way.

The lynch mob then converges on the car, hurling stones and attempting to force their way into the vehicle.

The driver then opened fire in self-defense, killing one terrorist and wounding another.

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  1. Every Hebrew should carry an Uzi 9mm Machine gun in his car, for close in combat.
    If they started killing 8 to 10 at muzzies at every attack, the number of incidents would go way down, real fast.

  2. By the way, LOVE the anal suppository ad, and that is doesn’t popup in the behind.

    Sephure. I think I will buy some.

  3. Hard country. Strong people, Israelis.

    Globally Muslims are only 9-12% of planetary population.
    Non Muslims outnumber them 9 to 1.

    Good odds.

  4. How convenient to have an ambulance right there to pick up the remains of the rabid animals. What forward thinking little terrorists //. Good that the guy was able to defend himself.

  5. Being in Israel is a wake-up call for security awareness. Every Israeli I know carries (and some have back-ups to loan to their cca aware visitors).

    Hang out at a bus stop, look up and see a Mom with a baby on one arm and a weapon slung off the other.

    It’s the reason knife attacks are so successful at first, but there are quick recoveries. I love the country but there are still libby-lefties everywhere (most are armed however).

  6. I do not agree with a non-violent response by the IDF to Palestinian rioters throwing rocks at motorists.
    How many more Israelis need to die in their own country?
    Meet life threatening violence with life threatening response.

  7. “The riot developed out of a demonstration held in support of hundreds of jailed terrorists conducting a mass hunger strike.”

    I sure hope that hunger strike is effective, meaning I hope those hunger strikers can hold out for at least 66 days (that’s about how long it takes to starve to death.) Good luck, hunger strikers!

  8. Protest on the sidewalks and other places where pedestrians normally travel. That way, you ignorant fucks probably won’t get shot. Personally, I would have anchored the guy pulled that truck in front of me trying to trap me in a kill box.

  9. How can the Israelis not embrace the wonderful diversity the muslims bring to Israel?

    I mean, they’re incessantly pushing for an endless stream of muslims into Europe, America, Australia, etc. – so it must be a good thing, right? Right?

    Shouldn’t Israel demonstrate how non-racist and inclusive *they* are by flooding Israel with a horde of muslims, first? As a good example to the West?

    If they opened their borders, Jews would be out-numbered by muslims in a few days, tops.

    They they could have a nice democratic election, and then the muslims would be in charge of everything.

    It would work out fine, right?

  10. The rioters (I refuse to call them Palestinians, that implies that they were the rightful original residents, and the Israelis stole the land — naahh) got a painful lesson in “play stoopid games, win stoopid prizes”.
    A citizen is attacked by a mob, and the mob is surprised and upset when the citizen defends himself? I guess that’s what happens when your family tree looks like…..not a straight stick, but a wreath.

  11. To all Israelis — Keep on being a hard-assed country… it gives us a model to emulate. I am TOTALLY FED UP with the snowflakes and all candy-assed people, who have no clue about these Muzzie-Barbarians.

    Damn it — Western Civilization is at stake !

  12. The driver of the ambulance should be prosecuted for murder as an accessory. No one would have had to die if the vehicle could have simply made an escape. So, the ambulance driver is culpable.

  13. It’d be hard to stash enough magazines around
    in your clothes, but I’d try. Glad the good
    guy lived.

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