“Palestinians” Violently Riot When Offered Their Own State and Peace Deal

Pamela Geller:

“Give ’em a state!”


Thousands of Palestinians are protesting in Gaza City following the announcement of the Trump administration’s peace plan.

The protesters burned pictures of President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and raised a banner reading “Palestine is not for sale.”

During the rally, Gaza’s Hamas rulers expressed rare support for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of the rival Fatah movement, welcoming his call for a broad meeting of Palestinian factions.

A senior Hamas official says the group rejects the “conspiracies” announced by the U.S. and Israel and that “all options are open” in responding.

Khalil al-Hayya spoke shortly after President Donald Trump announced a Mideast peace plan that favors Israel. more

24 Comments on “Palestinians” Violently Riot When Offered Their Own State and Peace Deal

  1. The timing is off. When their boy from Turkey steps up, those donkeys will agree to peace–but only for 42 months. After that all Hell will break loose literally.

  2. Proof positive once again that the elimination
    of all Jewry is the only objective and

    raison d’etre

    of the so-called ” palestinian ” collective

    There is only one solution

    Kill all the creeps who claim to be the
    fictional ” palestinians ”

    You either kill them or
    they will kill you

    Nothing else matters to them

    The longer you stall
    the more of you they will kill

    They are incapable of any other
    form of thought.

  3. The West Bank Palestinians are Jordanian citizens.
    The Gaza Strip Palestinians are Egyptian citizens.
    The Golan Heights Palestinians are Lebanese citizens.
    Always have been; always will be.

  4. Inbred low IQ demonic scum.
    There is only one way to fix
    One of those filthy sand apes
    just raped a 92 year old woman in
    NY city.Broke her spine and she died…
    92 frickin’ years old,what 21 year old man
    thinks about doing an act so depraved ???

  5. Since the area of “Palestine” is roughly 2400 square miles, it would only take 480 to 500 MOABs to solve the problem.

  6. TRUMP SHOULD INSIST ALL AID BE CUT OFF TO the Palistian people. I’VE read that everyone on the Arabian Peninsula and Egypt cut these free loaders off. TRUMP HAS CRIPPLED Iran. The time is ripe to force them into submission or let them starve. PALESTINIANS are ungrateful over breeding cockroaches

  7. Hey Rashid everyone is tired of these cockroaches. These people should be concerned about creating successful futures for their children.

  8. Suuuuuure. Give the Palis their own “land”….5 miles offshore to the west of the Israeli coast. Let them sink or swim on their own. Or call for aid from their fellow muzzies in the other “caliphates”. Yeah. Right. Good luck with that.
    President Trump ain’t no spineless jellyfish, willing to bow to the muzzie’s tantrums.

  9. Looks to me like Trump is doing the treaty stuff with everyone else around, basically removing all Palestinian negotiating leverage in order to get them to cut the crap. Palestinians were given potential gerrymandered areas along with the promise of billions plus infrastructure and other assistance provided that they behave over the next decade; if they do, they will have a weirdly-shaped country connected by roads and tunnels and surrounded by Israel, along with the right of self-determination. They have a no-option deal: they become sequestered and isolated and can either continue to be losers in reservation-like areas, or they can decide become independent, prosperous, co-existent and pleasant (while not part of) “the Jewish state”. They’ve been backed into a corner. Meanwhile, Israel gets what it needs and everyone else recognizes those new Israeli boundaries. It’s very clever. They can pitch a fit and scream and then be put down. Or they can make the best of it with a considerable amount of compensatory money and other goodies and sweeteners. (Or they can leave and go somewhere else.)

  10. Trouble is, the UN keeps enabling these goat fornicators so even if you gave them their own country, the other goat fornicators in the UN would keep stirring up trouble.

  11. This is from a piece on “American Thinker” it is factually and historically correct. “The granddaddy of all fabrications makes great copy for the media and is excellent for denigrators of Israel, but it lacks any basis in historical fact. There is no Palestinian land, plain and simple. If there were, when would it have been founded, and by whom? What would its borders have been, and what about the name of its capital? What would its major cities have been? What would have constituted the basis of its economy? What form of government would it have lived under?
    Was Palestine ever recognized as an entity by another country? By whom? What was the language of the country called Palestine? What was Palestine’s religion? What was the name of its currency? Since there is no such country today, what caused her demise?
    At no time in history has there ever been a nation called Palestine. During the Ottoman Empire, which lasted from 1299-1922 CE, the land dubbed by the Romans as Palestine was controlled by the Turks; there was never an outcry for a Palestinian State then. During the illegal annexation of Judea and Samaria by the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan subsequent to the 1949 Armistice and prior to 1967, there was never talk of “occupied territory” or a Palestinian State”.
    The Palestinian’s of today have been indoctrinated for several generation to believe that they had a country and the Jews took it from them. their current leader like to keep them thinking like this to maintain their power and the money it puts in their pockets. It will be extremely difficult to change their collective thinking The other Arab countries have perpetuated that that idea for their own reasons They treated the Palestinians as second class citizens in there own countries for cheap labor

  12. What Palestinians? You mean the Arabs that came around after the wells were dug? after the swamps were drained? after irrigation was introduced? after the land again became fruitful? After your failed wars, Jordan welcomed you with open arms until you were caught plotting assassination of their rightful king.
    You are truly the worst of the worst

  13. Offer those camel herders a big slice and they demand you give them the whole pie.

    How many times have they rejected deals that offered them “a land to call their own”? 15, 20, 30? Always rejected, and then the Palestooges go back to their crummy little hovels on Gaza or wherever, live off what the UN gives them (guess who foots the bill?) and cry about how awful they are treated.

    Even if they dislike Israel, a smarter group of people would learn to live with the reality that Israel’s existence is settled. Why can’t they face reality and try to be good neighbors, which would allow them to trade and profit from Israel’s existence? The reason, I think, is a lot of stupidity mixed with a good deal of hate and dumb ass socialist/communist ideas.


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