See this load? She walked out without paying at Denny’s, and not before she cursed out a waitress, threw several missed punches, and tried to kick the doors in.

Why? She thought the $4 all-you-can-eat pancakes meant everyone at her table should be able to join in scarfing them down.

When she was informed that it meant ONE DINER received the bottomless pancakes she be disrespected, like she 3/5th a human.




26 Comments on PANCAKE BATTERy

  1. There is no hope for this hoe and her ilk. They just make life miserable for everyone. The waitress, the management, the other diners, and the police. They should be beaten with baseball bats.

  2. The comments at the site are pretty funny.
    So let me add mine here-

    She spent about 7.99 on those hair extensions but she couldn’t pay half that for some pancakes?

  3. I know! Shit. But I’M the skinny bitch with diabeetus, and that bitch is walking around like she’s starving. lol

  4. She knew exactly what $4 all you can eat meant. She just figured that if she raised a ruckus she could walk out without paying, she being black and all.

  5. Because if you’re black and loud enough and scream on and on about racism, people will flee out of fear. They’ve got this scam down to a high art.

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