‘Panic here is real’: Dem donors reportedly asking about late entrants to defeat Trump

BPR: If you’re not convinced that the Democrat Party desperately wants to ensure that President Donald Trump doesn’t secure a second term in the White House, you have not been paying attention to their sham impeachment efforts.

They are so desperate, according to New York Times Frank Bruni, that donors in the party are beginning to panic over their current options to take on the president.

“So they’re looking at their candidates — at their front-runners, in particular — with a very withering microscope,” Bruni said Tuesday on CNN’s New Day. “Because the question is who is super-potent enough, rock-solid enough to guarantee us that we’ll get rid of Donald Trump.”

The columnist offered his take on the current front runners, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

“And you have a situation here. It’s not just the donors who are concerned, you have two front-runners who are both extremely flawed and extremely vulnerable,” he said. “Joe Biden has seemed very rickety on that debate stage. He’s not raising money the way he should. He’s spending too much money. He doesn’t have cash reserves.”

“And, Elizabeth Warren is to the left of a lot of Democratic voters and a lot of general election voters,” Bruni continued. “So I think the panic here is real. What’s sort of silly is the notion that there’s someone out there in the forest who’s going to solve all the problems.” read more

24 Comments on ‘Panic here is real’: Dem donors reportedly asking about late entrants to defeat Trump

  1. de’rat’s don’t have anyone in their whole freakin’ loonie bin of a party that “… is super-potent enough, rock-solid enough … ”

    to quote the Cowardly Lion, “not no one, not no how!”

  2. Okay, so the Socialists have their so-called “Racist Watch”.

    We need our own Libtard Socialist Watch so we know which of our neighbors to avoid & shun and not loan them our lawnmowers


    The Democrats are a “clinking, clanking, clattering collection of caliginous junk!”

    And they have no Wizard. Plus their Oz stinks.

  4. Yeah, they want to impeach and remove President Trump- that is their only chance at winning.

    If Trump were to be impeached and removed, meaning he did not serve a (full) term, would he then be eligible to be elected to serve two (new) consecutive terms? He has my vote, regardless.

  5. @toby ~ I think you’ve hit upon something

    ‘Impeach 45 now! … so he can win in 2020 …. & 2024!’

  6. I had been saving my ROMNEY/RYAN yard sign from before and had planned on using it for a target out here in the desert but it looks like I lost it in the move. At least I still have my hardly used DELL laptop running POS Windows 10 that I intend to shoot the shit out of!

  7. Toby: Trump has served more than half of this term so he only has one more go.

    Johnson could have run again in 1968 if he wanted because he served only the last 14 (out of 48) months of Kennedy’s term

    If Ford had won in 1976 he could not have run in 1980 because he served 29 (out of 48) of Nixon’s term.

    There was talk during Clinton’s second term that he could sit out one term then run again. Not true. The restriction is total time, not necessarily consecutive time.

    Truman could have run as many times as he wanted (assuming he won) because the restriction did not apply to who was in office when the Amendment passed. If he had lost then he probably would have lost his exemption, then he probably could not have run as he had served 45 (out of 48) of Roosevelt’s term.

  8. Doc – Where’d you get a Romney/Ryan yard sign. I tried to get some from their campaign and they didn’t have any. So, I made some. I am going to bring them down from the attic and line the cat boxes.

  9. Here is my concern. The House votes for impeachment, sending the trial to the Senate. This gives Trump’s team the opportunity to call all the witnesses they need, and they are under oath. The Deep State can’t allow that to happen. This is when President Trump is in his greatest jeopardy! It’s a dangerous time!

  10. @ Doug- either don’t let the cat see it, or put newspaper all over the floors
    or, maybe don’t cover it with litter, the cat may actually like going on it. If so, take pics

  11. No matter what happens the pendulum swings. The retards WILL be back in office at some point. What we should be doing is teaching our children to not be fucking retards. The state school system has produced generations of blatant retards. Now the Republic, in a word, is fucked. Patton was right — nuke the commies.

  12. Ok the House votes to impeach.

    First, they have to STATE the crimes.

    So the Senate takes it up.
    The Senate then sets down a few rules, as in the time they adjourn, the time they recess, and who sits where etc..
    They do not set rules as to who can be a witness.
    You can be a witness if you are involved.
    Even the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and friggin Godzilla can be called as a witness.
    Now,the House as appointed an attorney as the prosecutor and the President as his own lawyers. And the presiding Judge is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
    His name is Justice John Roberts.
    His job is to oversee the actual trial.
    He will not ask questions, he will not interject his opinion as to who is right or wrong.
    Preside over a functional trial, period.
    Now, when we get to the actual trial part , each and every member of Congress will sit down and shut up.
    They are the jury, they do not have the right to ask any questions,they do not have any more role to play except to be a member of the jury. Period.
    Now the Defense will present it’s case.
    Then The President lawyers will present thier case.
    Now, the thing about The President present his case is they they have SUPENA POWER.
    Which means, they can supena any person on this planet including Santa Claus to testify ( as I have referenced earlier)
    That is the dumbassocrats problem.
    The SUPENA POWER will be used on Clinton, Pencil Neck,Comey,Brennon, obumfuck,the wookie. Everybody will be deposed.
    And the dumassocrats never will allow that to happen.
    So ladies and gentlemen.
    There will never, ever be an impeachment trial.
    Just this cherade.

    That is all.

  13. One small error.
    I said the Defense will present thier case, when I meant the House (the prosecution) will present thier case.
    My bad.

  14. Good points G Hall
    Not to mention getting the votes needed. Not going to happen and made up stuff don’t look good when the truth is lay out for the lofo’s to see.
    Wishing in one hand nothing in the other. Class A Backfire

  15. @Jethro October 22, 2019 at 9:45 pm

    > What scares me is what they might try next if impeachment doesn’t work.

    A crumb of hope. Thanks, @Jethro!

  16. The best thing we can do to help the president is to have a strong push to get rid of Mitch McConnell. He’s the snake behind the scenes that keeps the pressure on anyone up there that wants to be more vocal about helping Trump. Miss Lindsey is the same.

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