Panic in Philly

Biden seems to be worried about Pennsylvania’s full forensic ballot audit.

Bannon’s War Room: Biden’s Legitimacy Continues To Plummet.
Our guests are: John Fredericks, Boris Epshteyn, Heather Mullins, Ken Blackwell, Jose Mercola, Garland Favorito

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  1. We are very near martial law. It’s being planned in every fed agency, including the military.

  2. What will tip the scales of justice (and truth) back toward legitimacy?

    Will it happen?

    Color me doubtfully hopeful.

  3. Communist don’t peacefully transfer power.


    They can’t, because then they won’t be able to hide all the crap they did to get power, and they will have to hang for it.

    So Communist will fight for power like they are fighting for their lives.

    Because they ARE.

  4. The totalitarians aren’t terrified of the facts coming to light – they own the propaganda organs completely (the LSM, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, &c.). They will continue to suppress and muddy any facts that do emerge, in the hope that the majority of us will continue asleep with our thumbs up our asses.
    There’s something else at play here – it’s obvious that Pedo Joe is a placeholder, and a fairly retarded placeholder, at that – so the Big Game is being executed in some other venue, away from prying eyes.

    The nihilistic totalitarians are buying time. But buying time for what? They’ve already committed Treason on a massive scale – what further Treasons are they contemplating?

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Hemmingway on going bankrupt, “Gradually, then suddenly.”

    Which is a pretty good description of how communist / leftist regimes end.

  6. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they are telling corporations to censor personal text messages. They are planning.

  7. 1) They lie, cheat and steal to gain power.
    2) When that looses its effectiveness, the lies just get bolder and more preposterous.
    3) When that stops working, they take over with force.

    We’re at #2 and that ridiculous bullshit speech by Joseph Stolen is the proof!

  8. @anon 2:33 am
    They could declare what they want, but they would never be able to hold it, there’s not enough of them. Looters will loot and get shot in the meantime me thinks.

  9. You can see the skepticism that the public is not on to them in their eyes. I have been paying attention to their body language since the day the blithering idiot was installed in the White House and these knot heads are not at all comfortable that they are going to be able to ultimately pull this off.

  10. Fulton County:
    Batches 139 and 147 of Tabulator 5162 are the same 99 ballots in reverse order.
    Second: Tabulator 5162 Batch 234 and 235 spotted using the same ballots (in different order)
    1: 05162_00234_000002
    2: 05162_00235_000061

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