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Papa John’s ends sponsorship with NFL

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Papa John’s announced Tuesday that it will no longer be the official sponsor of the National Football League after a turbulent season beset by boycotts and protests, along with a decline in sales for the pizza chain.

“The NFL and Papa John’s have made a mutual decision to shift from their official league sponsorship to a focus on partnerships with 22 local NFL teams, presence in broadcast and digital media, and key personalities in the sport,” the league and franchise said in a joint statement obtained by ESPN. MORE

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  1. Mama’s NY Style Pizza is where I get my pizza. It’s not a chain. Two 2nd generation Greek brothers opened their store here after moving from NY 17 years ago.

  2. I guess I’m among good company as I can’t stand Pizza Hut either, it’s better to toss the pizza and eat the cardboard.

  3. PapJohn’s is too good for them – move over to an American sport, and sponsor NASCAR or Hockey – or the shooting sports! 😀

  4. It’s best to make your own pizza. However, there’s probably a few knee takers associated with at least one of the ingredients and you’re likely to encounter at least one on the road and one in the store, if the store itself isn’t owned and operated by a leftard.


  5. I grew up on Jancarelli’s in Montclair, NJ. I think the standard is what you had as a kid. I have only found a few like those in the 50 some years since. The test is when orange oil is dripping off your elbow as you eat. You can’t even feel it since it is about body temp.

  6. “The NFL and Papa John’s have made a mutual decision to shift from their official league sponsorship…”

    Bullshit NFL! You screwed your sponsor and ruined his and your brands. This is just a beginning.

    And just to remind everyone. The owners are all in. The just awarded Goodell a $200MM 5 years contract.

    Message to owners: I will fuck up your league for only $2 MM a year and do it better.

  7. I have a close relationship with my local Neapolitan style pizza joint. Tastes just like Bella Napoli.

    I grow fresh basil in the garden for them and they give me free beer and pizza.

    Beat that.

  8. not a big Papa John’s fan myself (too much dough, & their thin crust is a half-step about frozen pizza; toppings are ok), … prefer Ledo or Three Brothers
    but, good on Papa John’s … if I order from them from now on, I will be sure & let them know I fully support their decision


    In business you have to TAKE A RISK:

    🔥 You stay, you lose sales b/c of liberal anti-American policies.

    🔥 You leave, you lose sales b/c of annoyed fans.

    We all GET IT, it’s one of the many hard decisions businesses have to make, just rip off the band-aid and take the pain.

  10. Have to agree with Jeanine. Homemade pizza is the best. Bread out of the machine, all the ingredients laid out, and let the grand kids pile it on. Pizza seems to go in the oven 2-3 inches high and takes a long time to bake. Enough droppings on the ground to keep two dogs happy. Nothing like home made pizza.

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