Papa John’s founder says CEO’s are ‘scared’ of intolerant left

Just The News-

Goya’s Bob Unanue “should be able to speak his mind,” said Papa John’s pizza chain founder John Schnatter while discussing the recent controversy over the Goya Foods CEO’s positive comments about President Trump at a White House event. 

“Everybody on the left keeps preaching diversity, unless it’s diversity of thought, diversity of philosophy, or diversity of ideology,” Schnatter told Just the News in an interview. “And if you don’t think a certain way, then you get persecuted. That’s not diversity.”

“Entrepreneurship and creativity and innovation come from independent critical judgment,” Schnatter said, “which is you think for yourself, you believe in yourself, you have independent critical judgment.” read more

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  1. That and they are part of the left.

    Note: I didn’t say intolerant left. That would be redundant. Intolerance is a defining characteristic of the left.

  2. What would John Schnatter know about it? Oh yeah, he was kicked out of the company he created because he criticized kneeling for the National Anthem.

  3. But now Shaq is on the board of what used to be his company. They just take what you built and give it to a rich black person.

  4. Too bad Papa John didn’t put up more of a fight.
    He had to soapbox to do it too.
    Fear is the sand in the machinery of life and it will seize you up. That’s probably what happened to him.

  5. These animals don’t have the numbers to destroy a corporation. If the CEO’s would stand up and defy these thugs they would garner alot of popular support. Case in point Goya.

  6. I think the guy is correct. They are scared of not going along to get along.

    And there is only one answer to that. They must be made more scared to go along with the race mongers. Everything else is bullshit.

  7. Why don’t people have strenght of character anymore? Why can’t they be confident in themselves to just slough off the negative coming from the left…and sometimes the right.

    By ‘people’, I mean everyone except us, of course. We have more character than we know what to do with! *snicker*

  8. Why do they cave to the left? For most of these companies, the left probably does not constitute a big part of their customer base. They should learn a lesson from Goya and act accordingly.

  9. The only question is WHY? Why do CEOs fear these people? My advice would be to go to your doctor and ask him for a prescription for a set of balls. These people are nothing more than a group of White spoiled children with no money and a few leftist Black individuals. The damage they can do to companies is much less than the damage the majority (flyover people) can do in the long run. Believe me, there are far more of us than there are of them. And, we work, make and spend money and are the producers of the country. Would you rather bow to anarchists trying to destroy the entire country or get a set of balls and represent the truth? Many of these companies are probably run by liberals and it appears that they are advocating for their own demise.

  10. Man these “very important, very brilliant” CEOs of major corps are easy marks.

    Robbed clean of their dignity, no guns, knives, not even a mask for anonymity.

  11. These CEOs should just do a market analysis. Our customer base is comprised of what percentage of these useless leftist scumbags? Of that percentage, how many useless leftist scumbags would continue to buy our products or services regardless of how much they howl about our company? How many useless leftist scumbags have Bernie Sanders money to spend on our goods and services?

    Big companies in particular are also, in my opinion, overly influenced by Twitter. Twitter is a platform that most people use as an echo chamber – I believe in this, so I’ll follow someone who tweets what I want to hear. But that’s like trying to determine how many vegetarians are in the country by canvassing steak house customers – you might find a couple, but generally you’re looking in the wrong place. Twitter is populated by a minority of the American public who are perennially outraged by something or the other; they’ll never get over anything, but they will move on to some shiny new object of their rage after a short period of time.

    But if you don’t want to do an accurate market analysis, then just ignore the problem for a while; it will go away. The American public in general has the attention span of a new puppy – yes, they’ll chase the ball for a while, then go pee in the corner and take a nap. Is the LGBT crowd mad that your logo doesn’t have a rainbow? Tell them some cockeyed story about taking their concerns seriously and promise to form a committee to investigate forming a focus group to look into the issue, and then ignore it. In their mind, the leftists will chalk it up as a win and move on, but you don’t really have to do anything except spending a little amount of time preparing and issuing a press release that has less substantive content than a Joe Biden speech (at least one he didn’t plagiarize).

    Remember, CEOs of large companies, you sell goods and services. Most people buy your cars, eat your pizza, purchase your overpriced sneakers, and shop for the groceries you sell – but deep down we really don’t give a rat’s ass about your political stance.

  12. it’s not actually the lefts storm troopers they are scared of.

    these company ceo’s are scared of the press’s amplification of the storm troopers intolerance to any non conformity.

  13. Goya’s Bob Unanue “should be able to speak his mind”

    On his talkshow. Oh, wait! He’s being paid to run something, anything, other than, his own talkshow? Then shut up, and do your job!

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