Parent Company Behind “Fearless” Was Underpaying Women and Blacks

She was supposed to represent the fight for women to receive equal pay. It turns out the parent company, State Street Corp, the firm behind “Fearless Girls” has settled with the U.S. Department of Labor for underpaying minorities and women on their payroll.

“According to a settlement agreement released Wednesday, the bank will pay $5 million to 305 female executives and 15 black executives based on an audit from 2012.”


11 Comments on Parent Company Behind “Fearless” Was Underpaying Women and Blacks

  1. It can hard to come to terms with the reality that employers will pay people as little as they can get away with. And some folks generally settle for less. But we’re supposed to “do something” about this.

  2. If someone was willing to pay me just for walking into some lefty, virtue-signaling organization’s office, pointing at the CEO and doing my best Nelson impersonation every time this sort of thing happens, I’d make a full-time job of it. I’m sure I’d have plenty of work.

  3. Remember when people, all the way up to the election, believe the lie, “Hillary is a woman and child advocate?”

    She did opposition research on herself and knew an opponent would use her history against her, so she marketed that lie as often as possible.

    And she would’ve gotten away with it too, if she had any other opponent than Donald Trump.

  4. Underpaid? They didn’t pay the agreed-to rate? That would surprise me.

    You should pay people according to their value, not according to their identity. And as little as possible, consistent with keeping talent.

    That is the free market, and no one has shown a more productive approach.

  5. $5 mil in back pay is a small price to pay compared to the potential damage wide spread bad P.R. would do the firm.

    The press would rather focus on “Fearless” then the “Paidless.”

  6. The employees voluntarily went to work for the agreed upon wage. Did the employer pay less than what was agreed on? If not, what is the problem? If you are a poor negotiator, you SHOULD be paid less.

  7. Examples like this lie behind virtually every example of high profile virtue signaling. This is exactly what virtue signaling is. It’s like the serial killer who shows up to the volunteer group going out to look for the person the serial killer just kidnapped and murdered. He tries to garner respect for pretending to work against the very thing that defines his very nature. It’s the sign of a truly twisted mind.


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