Parent Says Boys Were Waving Goodbye, Not Doing Nazi Salute

I dunno.

Honestly, it looks like some are waving goodbye, and some are doing the Nazi salute.

And the kid in the front center is trolling with the fake white power (okay sign) which triggers the left so much.

But, seriously, who thinks the kids are Nazis?

Sure, it just so happens every kid in the upcoming graduating class is on board with the third reich. Uh huh. They are all planning on exterminating Jews and committing genocide.

Obviously, if they are doing the salute they are just being intentionally controversial, like kids do so often.

It’s wrong, but it’s not a crisis.

But let’s find out all their names and ruin their lives, because we are leftwing morons who get off on that kind of thing.


22 Comments on Parent Says Boys Were Waving Goodbye, Not Doing Nazi Salute

  1. Pretty freaken stupid these days. It will go on their permanent record.

    Just had to buy a new computer. It took me an hour to get around the preferred facial recognition log in. Wonder who else gets that shit?

  2. I like to wave at snowflakes with my arms extended straight out and palms facing towards me with my middle digit pointing upwards. At least this is what works for me.😀

  3. Vietvet
    Well I do get a certain amount of satisfaction winking at them. By Cracky they’ll never catch me running a red lite. LOL

  4. Rush talks about this all the time. You have to remember to bend the arm a little. Or the Democrat media will label you a Nazi. I think the Dem media accused Laura Ingraham of this on the campaign trail?

  5. So is dear old Dad just a retard who thought he’d publish the picture even though it didn’t capture the “apex” of the wave and just looked like a lot of white kids doing the old Sieg Heil?

  6. y’all got it all wrong … they’re the new cis-trannie-non-binary ‘boyz scouts’ performing the first part of their new salute
    … the second part is they do the Mr. Spock, where they open their hand between the middle & ring fingers to display their imaginary va-jay-jays

    then they recite the pledge: “I’ll do my duty & do my best, to figure out my plumbing, ’cause it’s a mess.


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