Parents banish teen to backyard tent for theft

WTHR: Are a New Mexico mom and dad being too strict in punishing their teen son for theft by banishing him to a tent in the backyard?

Jacob and Angela Boggus chose a decidedly non-air-conditioned method for disciplining their 16-year-old son Adam after he stole his little sister’s iPod — and stole other items from his family before that. Since May 23, Adam has been spending his days camping out in the backyard.  more

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  1. when i swore, i ate soap

    when i told a lie, i had to take a tablespoon of tabasco

    when i was disrespectful to or did not help my mom, i caught the buckle end of the belt when dad got home

    if i lost a fight at school, i had to put on the boxing gloves and go five rounds with my dad

    i love my parents

  2. “I know I screwed up, so I don’t want people coming down on my parents about this. I know that they love me. They’re not trying to abuse me in any way. They’re only trying to show me that what I did was wrong.”


  3. How do news people get these stories in the first place. And since the kid is 16, don’t the parents have to approve his being photographed, interviewed, etc.

    I don’t think it’s any of my darn business what his parents do to discipline him.

  4. a tent? pure luxury! was settled in a snow drift and locked out for months… kids have it way too easy these days… 🙂 (was only hung right side up this afternoon)

  5. Growing up in SoCal, I wanted to sleep in the yard during the summer, especially during Santa Anna season.

  6. I was a senior in high school before my dad had our home air conditioned. We stayed outside all day in the summer as it was cooler outside than inside. Anybody who has ever spent a summer along the Gulf Coast in Southeast Texas knows what this means. At least in New Mexico, it cools off at night.

  7. @Anonymous-You were lucky to have a snow drift. All we had was a slush filled puddle, the 10 of us…

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