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Parents Bill of Rights, amending Taiwan Assurance Act up for votes this week in GOP-led House

JTN: The Parents Bill of Rights Act, which was part of the House GOP’s Commitment to America agenda, and amending the bipartisan Taiwan Assurance Act are both up for votes this week in the GOP-led House.

“Empowering parents and promoting the well-being of children is a top priority of the House Republican majority,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said at the beginning of the month when the bill was formally introduced. “That’s why the Parents Bill of Rights was a critical piece of the House Republican Commitment to America, and that’s why the Parents Bill of Rights was introduced in the House as H.R. 5.”

The legislation is aimed at ensuring parents have the “right to know what’s being taught in schools and to see reading material” as well as the right to be heard at school board meetings. The bill also includes the right to view the public school budget and spending as well as the “right to protect their child’s privacy” and the right to be “updated on any violent activity at school.” MORE

6 Comments on Parents Bill of Rights, amending Taiwan Assurance Act up for votes this week in GOP-led House

  1. What on Earth does Taiwan Assurances have to do with American Parents and their Childrens School Boards?

  2. Chuckles Schumer In Charge Because Of Some Different Stolen Elections

    Not taken up.

  3. I won’t allow the minority to consider it.

  4. What does the Taiwan Assurance Act laws do for us?
    It probably says something like this (just guessing):

    American Corporations will guarentor the Blood of Americas Youth to protect that coastal island of China from any stoppage of those sweet sweet Taiwanese Chips and also to make sure all that apple juice keeps flowing.

    Is that close to about it?

  5. Sounds like political sausage making.

    Dem Sen. Flummox (whispers): Sen. Flatula, we can make a deal on this bill…see ya in the cloakroom in 5 minutes?

    5 minutes later…

    Sen. Flummox: Look here Senator…we need to strengthen our commitment to Taiwan so we can scare the bejeebies out of China and retain our role as World Cop…whattaya say?

    Rino Sen. Flatula: Sure, yes, I get ya…we’ll easily give you that if you support our bill to keep the homos from raping our kindergarten kids. Neither bill will make any damned difference anyway, so who gives a crap.

    Sen. Flummox: Well…the homo thing…that’s a tough one for a liberal like me…but OK…deal.

    Sen. Flatula: I appreciate you being reasonable about this. It’s all for show anyway, know what I mean?

    Sen. Flummox: Senator, you and I think alike…this is so cool. Let’s agree more often…you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

    Sen. Flatula: Think of all the neat bills we could pass, without those pesky voters even knowing about them…this is real democracy.


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