Parents Outraged After Michigan School Teachers Caught Playing ‘Kill, F***, Marry’ Game About Teenage Students – IOTW Report

Parents Outraged After Michigan School Teachers Caught Playing ‘Kill, F***, Marry’ Game About Teenage Students

One of the students mentioned has special needs.

WFB: Parents are furious and demanding answers from the school board in Bangor, Mich. after a video surfaced of a group of its teachers making inappropriate comments about killing and having sexual relations with their students, including one with special needs.

A group of seven staff members from Bangor High School, including multiple teachers, were recorded naming students that they would kill, f***, and marry as part of a game in a Michigan bar, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

It is unclear who filmed the expletive-filled video, but it was uploaded to YouTube and caused fury in the local community.


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  1. the absolute majority of teachers today are total scum

    … & btw, please cough up $ for their free health insurance & pensions … because, don’t you know? … they indoctrinate your children against you …. & they know better than you

    (I absolutely loath ‘teachers’)

  2. “So what happens next?”” asked Walter Smith-Randolph, WWMT’s investigative reporter.

    “Nothing,” Huber said. “The discipline is in the file.”

    Nonsense! Fire these dirt bags.

  3. This is why teachers unions are a nightmare, the perverts hide behind them and the good teachers get lost in the mix.

  4. Unions always stand up for the unqualified, users, abusers and losers, those that break the rules, policies, laws and the perverts. That’s why the Union leaders make the big bucks, it’s a protection racket.

  5. Holy cow were my colleagues and I ever wimpy in comparison to this batch of teachers. We thought we were being wild by having our lunch waitress put booze in our coffee cups on the rare occasions we all went for lunch.

  6. @chuffed ~ I had a several good teachers in elementary school … a few in junior high … & and only one in high school

    …none in college ….

    (& this was in the ’50’s, 60’s & 70’s

    Then I can imagine how terrible it must be now considering how much time and decay has elapsed since then.
    I was fortunate enough to be homeschooled.

  8. Kill, fuck, marry is an adolecents’ game that should be restricted to adolecents. Any adult working with children should know better, and these school employees were out of bounds here.

    But teachers talk shop – they always have and always will. Your kids will, at some point in time in their educational career, be the subject of teacher kevetching and gossip; it’s no different than any other job or career. And frequently, the parents are caregivers of those kids will also be the subject of shop talk. I’ve had several different jobs and a couple of varied careers (none of them teaching, although I know many teachers well), and at some point this shop talk always happens.

    What everyone needs to realize is that anyone who has a phone, which is everyone, has a camera. We have numerous social media platforms, and gossip travels instantaneously and reaches more people than you know. If you go out in public, you have absolutely no expectation of privacy, and any misstep can be and frequently is broadcast to the world in short order. If your career depends on public perception, you need to be vigilant on what you do and say in public.

    I’m not defending what this particular group of teachers did – playing kill, fuck, marry with students as the subjects is not appropriate and more than a little creepy and perverted. I think these particular teachers were stupid to do this, but I don’t think they are necessarily perverts. Most of the teachers I know, particularly at the high school and below levels, are dedicated individuals whose jobs are becoming more and more difficult to do, and who have virtually no support either at the parental or administrative level. Yes, there are bad teachers, but most of them at least entered the profession for the right reasons.

  9. Evil like this will not stop until some parents get pissed off enough to hang some of these ass holes from the nearest tree. They are protected by their union. I know some good teachers. They all quit. True story. One of them, a very nice lady, got NRA certified as a hand gun trainer. She has more business than she know how to handle.

  10. Wyatt — With all respect to you, I disagree. To be a teacher is to maintain your self in all respects as a respectable, upright member of the community. To have charge of children — whether it’s as a day care worker, a teacher (school or church) requires or should require absolute dignity and consciousness of your words and deeds. Until we insist on this as parents and concerned community members, it’s all just sternly worded memos and cheap consternation.

  11. Wyatt, i get your point, but I say bullshit on these teachers just having an innocent bit of fun. Where the hell is their maturity? They ARE role models for our kids. After parents, kids spend the most time with teachers. If teachers don’t take the responsibility seriously, they must be fired.

  12. shows how disrespectful these adults are towards their charges and the responsibility to parents.

    What comes out of the mouth is whats in the heart.

  13. Truly, the inmates are running the asylum. These teachers have the maturity of adolescents. No wonder they’re always hooking up with the students

  14. Sometimes you can get empathy confused for sympathy. I was tall for my age. I was also a troubled teen. She saw that, my eight grade teacher–not my height but my distance. I stood above her petite frame, a young woman in an inner city school. The times of silence and contemplation between us, just gazing at one another seemed so surreal. She wanted to reach out to me, but couldn’t. I knew it too. I think I felt sorrier for her than she did for me. I wish I could find her just to let her know that I finally managed to grow up. That I was young, impressionable, naive and innocent (somewhat) is but an memory. I hope she made it. I really do.

  15. Hi folks, here is what I would do. I would begin to demand that the school district should be closed down. Close it down because it is a detriment to me and my children. Also, ask if this behavior was observed in politics or the corporate sector, would said people be treated in this manner? When they start with the excuses, cut off your property taxes!

  16. Notice that in the TV report, there was a lot of anger directed at the school board, board officials, the school’s attorney, and the district officers.

    Nary a word of anger about the unions that protect teachers from getting fired.

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