Parents revolt as Chicagoland school district drops letter grades

EAG: CHICAGO – Some public schools are shifting from traditional letter grades to “progress guides” with more ambiguous measurements of student achievement, and Chicago area parents think the new “standards-based” approach is junk.

“This tells me nothing,” Kylie Spahn, mother of Herrick Middle School seventh-grader Jessica Spahn, told the Chicago Tribune as she reviewed her daughter’s “progress guides.”

Other parents in Downers Grove Grade School District 58 expressed similar sentiments in survey earlier this year, according to the news site.

“Absolutely can’t stand longitudinal report card! So confusing!” one parent wrote. “Just to back to giving simple letter grade!”

“Absolutely hate the math report card,” another parent wrote. “Giving me a date when my child mastered a skill tells me absolutely nothing. It’s totally worthless.”  MORE

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  1. These educationists’ entire identity is wedded to collectivist egalitarianism. They will never be able to even think about the fact that some kids simply will never be able to master a particular skill because they are not intelligent enough. They can’t, because there has been for decades clear psychometric evidence – a statistician would call it “proof” – that black kids are more likely to be stupid than white or Asian (south or east Asian) kids.

    The contortions the govt indoctrinators go through to avoid facing reality would be laughable if it weren’t for the tragic effects on the kids they are warping and stunting.

  2. The real problem is that public schools, especially those in Democratic party controlled cities, have declined and failed their students starting in the 1960s. The Dept of Education, school administrators and teachers know it yet still allow political correctness and teacher unions to accelerate the dive to mediocrity to accelerate at an ever increasing rate. Their only course of action to make them still seem relevant is to continue lowering standards. At this rate students will be able to graduate high school without even setting foot inside the doors!

  3. @Arby – I respectfully disagree. The govt schools, in reality indoctrination and conditioning centers, are working as they have always been planned to do to turn out complacent citizens willing to be supported by the govt they will certainly vote for time after time. The only reason the bureaucrats in charge haven’t all been lined up and shot or strung up on lamp posts is that there are some teachers in the system who, although not aware enough to see the reality of the system they support, are still conscientiously trying to do good by their inmates students.

  4. Downers Grove Grade School District 58.
    Right next to where my taxes go, Dist. 63.

    Fuck I need to get out.

  5. The grading system isn’t as important as the knowledge imparted.
    Unfortunately (not really BAD LUCK but by design), the schools have absolutely NO INTENTION of educating children, and, therefore, look to gimmicks and deceptions to make the public believe that they are making the attempt.
    We are now in about the hundredth year of this nonsense and there is no end in sight. Parents are as ignorant as the students, who are as ignorant as their “teachers.” The Union’s stranglehold on this continuing abomination is one of the greater reasons why our country has become a cesspool of ignorance, corruption, and despair.
    When children are challenged to learn, learn they will. Discovery of ideas and concepts should be an exciting, vivifying experience.
    It was for me … once I got out of school.

    izlamo delenda est …

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