Canada: Parents Who Hogtied Instagram Predator May Face Charges

KFI: A couple in Canada may face charges after they took the law into their own hands and hogtied an alleged sexual predator. Police say the couple lured the 28-year-old to their home after they found explicit messages he sent to their 13-year-old daughter on Instagram.

When he showed up, the couple was waiting and “tackled him and zap strapped him and called the police.” They broadcast the encounter of Facebook LIVE.

“He wanted to be her first,” says the person videotaping the incident, which was broadcast on Facebook Live. “We f***ing tackled him and zap strapped him and called the police.”


16 Comments on Canada: Parents Who Hogtied Instagram Predator May Face Charges

  1. I say: the government has no legitimate right to any involvement once they have abdicated the responsibility they had once the mother went to them with evidence that a crime was being committed against the daughter.

    Legitimate monopoly on dispensing justice is forfeit when the government is no longer exercising the responsibilities that it has to take reasonable action to protect the public.

  2. People let their egos and desire for fame get in the way. What you should do is hogtie the guy, beat the shit out of him, drive him out into the middle of nowhere and release him. Remind him that you have evidence that he’s a pedophile piece of shit; so if he rats you out, then you rat him out. Chances are he’ll feel lucky to get out of it alive, and if you’re lucky, he’ll die of exposure or something.

  3. I would already be in jail for what I would do to him after he was zip tied.

    Good on the parents. Also sounds like their daughter needs a kick in the butt for communicating with the weirdo.

  4. The RMP would have been investigating “after” the perv raped their daughter.
    The Perv is damn lucky he wasn’t beaten to an inch of his life or worse.
    Looks like Canada is becoming more and more like Not-So-Great Britain.

  5. Also in British Columbia, there is a pig farmer (now caught) that was feeding his murder victims to his pigs. I think 49 victims. This guy is a candidate for 50.

  6. Plain Jane: you and me both. The Soprano’s make it look so easy with regards to whacking and getting ride of a body. But, if there is a will there is a way and some 27 year old perv grooming my 13 year old would give me the will to find a way.

  7. @ joe6pack
    Sadly, I’m afraid that pretty soon, the only place justice will be found is at the end of a gun.

  8. They should have let a baseball bat (or some other oversize rod-type implement) be his “first”. And I don’t mean hit him in the head with it…

  9. … feeding them to the pigs???….
    this is very distressing … next thing you know they’ll call for a ban on pigs


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