Paris: Notre-Dame Cathedral is on fire



PARIS (Reuters) – A major fire broke out at the medieval Notre-Dame Cathedral in central Paris on Monday afternoon, leading firefighters to clear the area around one of the city’s most visited landmarks.

Smoke could be seen billowing out from the top of the gothic cathedral, as flames lept out besides its two bell towers, a Reuters witness said.

It was not immediately clear what had caused the fire. France 2 television reported that police were treating the incident as an accident.  more

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  1. Watching it now on news. Nobody tring to put fire out.🤔wonder if the pope will kiss some muzzie feet and say we can all get along its just a building.or some people did something.France has been lost for along time now they are gonna burn it all down thinking the fire and smoke will please the moon god…..

  2. JihadWatch just reported (today, I think) that someone was recently arrested for a plot to blow up the cathedral. PHenry, you make an extremely valid point, timing is everything.

  3. What a tragedy. It looks like a total loss. I can’t imagine visiting Paris without touring Notre-Dame Cathedral.

    I wonder if the Mohammedans will see this as a sign from Allah that they are in the ascendancy? Yes, of course.

  4. My only question is, if it is discovered that this is an islamic operation, would officials dare ever tell the truth?
    I suspect not.

  5. Given that this is a French cathedral- and certainly among the most glorious of them- and that Passover begins Friday at Sundown, I consider that this may be more than merely accidental. It is truly a treasure, and this is a tragedy.
    often, there is more than immediately meets the eye

  6. Reports are that there are Frenchies crying in the streets. If this was not a sudden Jihad Syndrome from one on the reconstruction crew then there will be actual sudden Jihad Syndrome in the very near future.

    Any street shots from Paris No Go sections? I’m just wondering if the average allah-monkey in the street is dancing and singing praise to allah or not?

  7. Muzzies cheering in the streets?

    We’ll never know.

    PHenry already asked, “would officials dare ever tell the truth?”

  8. Anonymous APRIL 15, 2019 AT 2:29 PM
    “Some people did something”

    …you ever notice it’s always the SAME people that do something…

  9. A French official was telling Shep Smith they are going to look into everything include whether or not it was islamists. Smith cut him off and gave a big lecture on him not allowing conspiracy theorize on his watch.
    That’s rich coming from Fox’s Russian collusion conspiracy theorist.

  10. bill APRIL 15, 2019 AT 2:39 PM
    “Next the Vatican, Giddyup!”

    …not too high a price to pay as long as the Antipope Francis is trapped inside…

  11. Supernightshade APRIL 15, 2019 AT 2:40 PM
    Anonymous APRIL 15, 2019 AT 2:29 PM
    “Some people did something”

    …you ever notice it’s always the SAME people that do something…

    Great meme for that pic of the ‘some people did something bitch’ Change the some to same eh?

  12. Muzzrats like progressives have no value of anything of historical value…or even LIFE for that matter!

  13. Cernovich posted online that there were 12 other churches targeted in the past 2 weeks……given that it is Holy Week and the state of France in general, yeah, like a towelhead torching it….France will never say that though as they are too scared to….

  14. What a disaster. Irreplaceable. These cathedrals take life times to build. Hopefully, it wasn’t intentional.

  15. Adding to what PHenry wrote, in the past week alone, 10 Catholic churches in France have been set on fire.

    But…muzzies?! You won’t hear about that from the Macron Media.

  16. And how it is being reported that fire has broken out into the belltowers How much accelerant was used?

  17. “…you ever notice it’s always the SAME people that do something…

    Great meme for that pic of the ‘some people did something bitch’ Change the some to same eh?”

    …that’s a good idea, @johnny, maybe our meme master BFH can do something with it….

  18. The catholics will need another ten million migrants rounded up and run through the criminal scam church NGO pipeline to fund the rebuild. Sunday priest pitches being written right now.

  19. If my U.S. Taxes are raised by even 1/10th of one penny to help pay for anything related to this. . . there will be more then Hell to pay.

  20. @Beachmom APRIL 15, 2019 AT 2:40 PM
    “A French official was telling Shep Smith they are going to look into everything include whether or not it was islamists. Smith cut him off and gave a big lecture on him not allowing conspiracy theorize on his watch.
    That’s rich coming from Fox’s Russian collusion conspiracy theorist”

    Neil Cavuto just kicked Bill Donahue off his show for bringing up the attacks on the Catholic Church in France in recent months. Fox has staked out it’s position: Cover up the truth to protect the Muslims. FU Fox.

  21. It doesn’t matter if this was intentional or accidental, Jihad owns this. The point of terrorism is that is changes our mindset and makes us live in fear and change our plans and our habits.
    The terrorists are winning when they are first thing we think of when there is a public tragedy destroying lives or cultural icons.

  22. Cavuto just cut off a guy who feels this was a terrorist attack. Maybe not but why completely dismiss it if it’s a possibility.

    I hope they are able to save the artifacts, artwork and amazing sculptures inside. Devastating and so sad.

    They keep talking about the delay in dumping water on it and their lack of equipment to fight it. Many thought that Princess Di might have survived if her accident happened anywhere but France. Who knows.

  23. TO illustr8r
    Yeah, it’s almost as if France doesn’t own any – how did Trump put it? – air water tankers (like the planes for fighting forest fires)…or didn’t want to use them…”merci” (/s) for nuttin’, Macron (AKA Globalist Tool or Dhimmi? Or BOTH?! YOU decide!).

  24. Tony R – I saw that too and was also disgusted by Fox. It is very suspicious this fire breaks out mere minutes after the church closes to the public. If it turns out it was deliberate arson, it will be covered up at all levels because PC rules the roost.

  25. I just heard this on Larry O’Connor WMAL. Made my ears perk up.

    Today is the 6th anniversary of the Boston bombing. Muzzies have a calendar most aren’t aware of.

  26. The Good GENERAL Svejk
    APRIL 15, 2019 AT 3:57 PM
    “TO Sns
    Yes, BUT: does France have “les couilles” to do it today?!”


    As with any world war, it will fall to America to deal with it. And as deseving as they may be of suffering the consequences of their cowardace, what happen in Europe won’t STAY in Europe, and not avenging this attack on one of the most iconic symbols of Christianity and the West, it will only embolden the 7th century savages to step it up against US.

    …the REAL question, then, General, becomes do WE have the balls?

    …recent events both within and without our Government give me reason to think NOT…

  27. msnbc just started money grubbing pitches from Americans.
    No shit. And it was Brian Williams too boot.

  28. TO Sns

    We DO.
    We elected Trump.
    If France falls, it’s because WE decided – in the bigger picture – it’s either for the better or not worth the effort.

    LOOK: I’m 1st generation American (I was born here, dad was war refugee). I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t sure “how American” I was when I was younger…but I had my experiences in life and – ahem – “learned.”

    Our history LONG TERM has been to look at the big picture (Jefferson’s commentary/snark on the Barbary Pirates?) for our own best interests (including: simple SURVIVAL!).

    I have full faith that, President Trump, using our Intelligence/Military (as imperfect and corrupted by earlier Administrations as they may be), will make the right decisions and take the best actions possible.

    I am F*CKING SICK AND TIRED OF F*CKING LOSERS/A$$H*LES playing Eeyore/Chicken Little…be it wimpy posters here or my perennial psycho-jerk0ff target Sundunce (of Last Refuse…his recent pessimism/nihilism turns me off *completely*!)…we have what it takes and, with Trump and God, we will do what is necessary to WIN.


    Now, go have a shot of whiskey with me… 😉

  29. The lengths that the MSM is going to discount islamic terrorism tells me that they already know that it is more likely than not the result islamic terrorism

  30. “Now, go have a shot of whiskey with me… 😉”

    …I would if I could, @GGS, but at this point the type of shots I’D prefer would involve optical devices and ballistic calculations…

  31. Ben Shapiro is a smug, smirky nevertrumpin munchkin. Trump tweets about fire, suggests aerial water tankers. Shitpickle Shapiro tweets

    “Maybe the football team can put out the fire”–President Donald Trump.

    Ben, I’ve got news for you: Trump is smarter than you, and he’s actually been to the Notre Dame Cathedral, which you obviously have not, or you wouldn’t be such an insolent brat right now.

  32. ^Shitpero is a smug ‘jew’ in that he’s a bigot to anyone who ISN’T Jewish. Not the faith. But the race.

    I can’t stand him.

  33. For whut it’s worth, Shapiro always rubbed me the wrong way too and usually it’s not so much what he says, as much as it how he says it. He acts like he’s hopped up on something. I can’t take more than a minute of his presentations. A snarky comment like that simply convinces me his mouth runs faster than his brain!

  34. I think they’ll rebuild it. It’s sacred to the French.

    That kind of assault should wake up the average Frenchman about the muzzie danger. Of course, in the US, many liberals never got “woke” about it after 9/11. Some of the bastards say we got what we deserved, like commie Ward Churchill.

    Our liberals were a lot more concerned about how much muzzie hatred it would generate than the deaths of 3,000 innocent people. Their mantra was: “Now don’t go blaming muslims or their religion for what happened”.

    Since then, we’ve had a bunch more muzzie attacks. By and large, Americans have kept their anger under control, while our security agencies continue to drop the ball, like they did before 9/11.

  35. That horrible fire yesterday reminded of an old Quasimodo joke:

    One day Quasimodo comes home from a tough day of work at the Notre Dame Cathedral, chasing away Filthy Mohammedan Savages. As he walks in the door of his home, he sees his wife heating up the wok and says, “hey honey, are we having Chinese food tonight?”

    She replied, “Non, mon cher, I’m just ironing your shirts.”

  36. I forget where I read it but apparently the construction firm hired by the French Catholic diocese is owned & run by Filthy Mohammedan Savages.

    if this is the case, then what the hell was the Church thinking? There have been 20 Mohammedan firebombings of French churches in this year alone. It’s like hiring a known convicted arsonist to do the reno work on your home AND handing him a box of matches.

    The French really are Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys!


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