Paris Prosecutors – “we are not excluding any hypothesis at this stage”


Paris prosecutors are investigating if an electrical short-circuit caused the fire that ripped through Notre Dame Cathedral.

A judicial source told CNN on Thursday that “we are not excluding any hypothesis at this stage,” saying that this is not their only line of inquiry.
Since Tuesday, Paris prosecutors have been investigating what could have turned the Gothic masterpiece into an inferno.
At least 40 employees at the Paris landmark have been questioned so far.
On Wednesday, the prosecutor’s office said that in addition to interviews, forensics teams and the central laboratory for the police department had been able to access some areas of the site and begin inspections. Officials are continuing to pursue the theory that the cause of the fire was accidental but have not ruled out other scenarios at this stage, the prosecutor’s office added.
“While the prosecutor’s office does not rule out any hypothesis, we remind that at this stage, nothing in the investigations highlights a criminal origin. Accidental causes remain our privileged lead,” the prosecutor’s office said.

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  1. They say they are not excluding anything at this time, but I’d venture that they are looking for ways to exclude some things.

    You can guess those things from the way they have avoided mentioning them.

  2. “accidental causes remain our government-approved lead.”

    FIFY, frenchie.

    If you’re looking for an accident, might I suggest a spark in the center transept fuel tank?

  3. It is a total waste of money, time and effort to investigate anything. At this time in history no one in their right mind would place any credibility of any “findings” that emanate from either the hierarchy of The Church or the government.

    Just go ahead and release the “official findings” and move on.

  4. @JD:
    That’s terribly cynical! I have no idea what circumstances or recent world history would have caused you to take such a dim view of our governmental betters!

  5. OT
    Adam Schiff just a short while ago stated to the press that there were ‘Intel’ agents “EMBEDDED” in the Mueller team. Read that again. What kind of banana pub are you running Adam?

    Also, Hey Adam. . . No Fumar!

  6. JD speaking of releasing, I believe Mr. Big sent you my e-mail some time ago and I’ve been waiting with bated breath for your contact. I, on the other hand am not in possession of yours (e-mail), so the ball’s in your court…

  7. What happens at the 5th question.

    Q. Why was there a fire at Notre Dame Cathedral?
    A. A short circuit caused it.
    Q. What caused the short circuit?
    A. Monsieur, we do not know.
    Q. Why don’t you know?
    A. Monsieur, we did not look for the cause of the short circuit.
    Q. Why didn’t you try to look for cause of the short circuit?
    A. Monsieur, we were told to not look for the cause.
    Q. Who told you to not look for the cause?

    BLAM. The guy asking the questions gets shot in the head.

  8. Notre Dame is foobar because in the THIRTEEN DECADES since the Eiffel Tower proved the concept, no one bothered to replace the fifty-plus acre forest of oak above the flying buttress supported stone ceiling metal. The same goes for the steeple.

  9. Marooned,
    I would suggest, in today’s technology, that steel rebar supported Trex be used to rebuild that which was made of wood.
    Extruded to any length, at any strength, should last for another 800+ years without fire danger or rot.
    As a bonus, it would recycle a lot of that plastic trash that floating around in the ocean.

  10. Will someone go wake up Maricon?
    His wife-mom said he’s on punishment?

    Oh heck. OK well tell him to maybe take a break from beating up yellow vests and go after some jihadis.

  11. This will go down like TWA Flight 800. Everybody figures the Beardies did it, but tremendous resources will be used to show how 24 volts dc was the culprit. Clinton pacified the Muzzies, but the Country paid the price a decade later.


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