Paris Protest Disrupts Polanski Film Debut Over Rape Accusations


PARIS (Reuters) – Protesters disrupted the first screening in France of Roman Polanski’s new film on Tuesday, following the publication of a new rape accusation against the French-Polish director.

A group of about 40 activists blocked the screening of the French premiere of Polanski’s film “J’accuse” at a theater in Rue Champollion, although the film was shown at some other theaters in Paris.

“The cancellation of this screening is not a victory; victory will be when the impunity for rapists ends,” Chloe Madesta, one of the activists, told France Info Radio.

Polanski is launching his new film in France just days after French actress Valentine Monnier – in an open letter to daily Le Parisien – accused Polanski, now 86, of having raped her in 1975, when she was 18 years old, during a ski holiday in Gstaad, Switzerland. read more

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  1. You just have to be the right kind of rapist. The liberal socialist kind. You can rape, rape, rape the night away. To standing ovations and awards from fellow socialists. Not like being a conservative Supreme Court nominee falsely accused of rape. That’s different. Because. Not socialist.

  2. Send Dog the Bounty Hunter to bring Polanski back in chains to serve every millisecond of the maximum sentence. He was CONVICTED in absentia, and has been on the run ever since, hiding out in 5 star Parisian hotels and villas on the Riviera, always looking over his shoulder to see if the waiter is on his trail. And Whoopie, since the victim as 13 years old, it really was rape-rape.

    The Frogs finally handed over Ira Einhorn; they should hand over Polanski.


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